STAND TO BE UNIQUETree of Life Slab Table

Dripping with style this slab table goes a little bit farther than the rest. An amazing base leads to a metal inlay that we dare you to try and keep your hands off of.MORE

CURLY MAPLE MEETS LAZY SUSANA Mahogany and Curly Maple Dining Table

Gather around a unique dinner table that can pass you the salt and wow your eyes at the same time.MORE

MAKE FOOD LOOK BETTERWalnut Slab Dining Table and Bench to Match

Eating at a table this beautiful has it's benefits. And sitting on a beautiful bench to match only adds more flavor to the dish. This table's all wood construction dashes your meal times with art, and doesn't mind if your elbows are on the table.MORE

PARK IT ON ARTSassafras Bench

A simple bench that's busting with style. These benches make the wood the hero and feature a raw edge that invites your bottom end to give it a ride.MORE


Enhance your wine bottles and show them how much you love them. Display up to 6 bottles but be warned, this rack may lead to long stares and an increase in wine consumption.MORE

THE EDGE YOUR OFFICE NEEDSCustom Sideboard and Stand-Up Desk

Make standing at your desk look as good as it feels. These custom pieces give off a professional style and are built to handle long hours at the office.MORE

A TABLE WITH STORIES TO TELLBarn Table - Reclaimed Wood

Salvaged from an old barn in St. Louis, this table makes gathering for a meal that much more interesting. Pull up your chair, tuck in your napkin and add some of your own history to this work of art.MORE


Make those long meetings a little more interesting with a custom conference table that not only looks outstanding but also says something about your business.MORE

FROM VICTIM TO HEROSlab Entry Table - Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed from ice storms and tornadoes the Slab Table line brings wood that Mother Nature knocked down back to life.MORE


From the striking inlay legs to the unique shape the Cascade Table is all art with added function. The increased surface area gives you plenty of places to stash life's necessities.MORE

TOUCH DON'T LOOKCustom Jewelry Case

Fall in love with a piece of jewelry without a layer of glass between you. This unique, commissioned piece does just that and owns the room too.MORE

VISUAL STINGScorpion Table

Part sculpture, part table, part scorpion…100% beautiful. This one of a kind table becomes the rockstar of any space it fills with its undeniable appeal.MORE

FEEL THE FLOWTributaries Table

Inspired by the winding rivers of Arkansas, a seat at this table will have you feeling the flow without putting your butt in a canoe for four hours. MORE

GET WOOD IN THE WASHROOMSlab Bathroom Countertop - Reclaimed Wood

Leave an impression on all those who visit your bathroom with a beautiful piece of huge wood. Custom built for your bathroom and saved from the forrest floor, this piece is truly a work of art.MORE